Recently, our favorite, self-described spoiled, white, rich girl, Gwyneth Paltrow, has debuted a fashion collection on her lifestyle website Goop. As of today, the Goop Collection features two jaw-dropping, amazingly distinctive items fashionistas the world over have never seen before. BEHOLD!

The Goop Tee

The Goop Tee


The Marrakesh Jean


You guessed it, jeans and a t-shirt.  However, let’s set aside the originality of the collection and talk about the price. The Marrakesh Jean is a ” a wide-leg, super lengthening jean”  featuring and design and color that “will change naturally to become your own worn-in, faded favorite”.  The description is nice enough, but not nice enough to make me want to drop $200 on a pair of jeans that even they admit will fade and stretch.  The Goop Tee, which looks like every other tee, will set Goopers back $90. Ninety dollars!  Upon closer inspection, I see that the t-shirt has grosgrain cording on the shoulders and sides and is made from 100% modal. Now, never having heard of “modal” before, I assumed it must be some super luxurious, finely combed cotton harvested from the fertile soils of a land far, far away. Nope, modal is a type of rayon. Ninety dollars for a semi-synthetic t-shirt.

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